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Do You Ever Want OUT?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Jo White is an incredible mother of 3 children. With a background as Social Worker in health for the past 15+ years and have worked in Oncology and currently in Obstetrics, Jo has a particular interest in women's health. Jo is refreshing, real and amazing in her ability to articulate what many women go through.

By Jo white - January 19, 2017

Do you sometimes just want OUT?! A chance to get in your car and just drive? No set destination, although straight to the airport seems like a good idea! I sometimes feel that way. Funnily enough, l recently had a trip interstate away from the kids. It was the longest period of time l have been away from them. I knew l would miss them but l also knew how much l had wanted time on my own and how much l would embrace it.

I quickly realised that I have never really been on my own. I have always had responsibility in my life and when travelling, it’s never been by myself. The first night l felt a little lost. I hadn’t considered that it would take me time to adjust to the silence, something l yearn for at times of chaos. Eating dinner on my own uninterrupted was something l had looked forward to, it turned out to be a disaster (l won’t bore you with the details). Getting a restful night’s sleep (you guessed it) didn’t happen. I woke the next morning thinking ‘what have l done?’ I quickly reminded myself why l had made this trip and what l had hoped to achieve. I knew the kids were fine, well cared for and there were only 4 more sleeps until l was home. From that moment l embraced all life had to offer and made the most of my week away, although, one of the best things about my trip was coming home.

The welcome l had from my kids at the airport was a memory l will never forget. My son literally flew out of the car to hug me, and my daughter, initially a little reserved, told me never to go away without her again. I think distance reminds us of what we have and what we value, and it reminds us to cherish all the wonderful things that we have been given. Once home, I shared many funny stories with the kids and that night we laughed about these while snuggled together in bed sharing a big family squeeze. I’m not sure l can promise to never go away again on my own, but, l can promise that on coming home there will be stories to share and a big family squeeze waiting.

Remember to have a laugh along the way.


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