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As If You Haven’t Heard These Before.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

That Mum contributor Jo White shares a simple message here about reminding ourselves of the small wins and the incredible words out of the mouths of our offspring!

By Jo white - February 17, 2017

Sometimes, l STOP. I TUNE IN and become MINDFUL of what is happening around me. As a mum, it’s these moments that remind me to be thankful for the blessing of being able to be a parent.


(From my children and a couple from myself and my husband).

1: “Oh she is so cute l could just put her in my pocket”. #innocence

2: “Mum, this really is delicious”. #winner

3: “You can marry Mum and l will marry Dad”. #discussingthefuture

4: “Imagine the homeless people outside tonight”. #empathy

5: “Do you want to play families?” #roleplay

6: “Mum can’t come bowling next time because she wins”. #mumhashiddenskills

7: “These kids really are, cute”. #kidsplayingnicely (Dad says to mum)

8: “Babies are made from naked kissing”. #birdsandthebees

9: “These kids drive me CRAZY but, l love them like CRAZY!” #justbreathe (Mum says to herself)

10: “OMG, Mum is jumping on the trampoline, look at her go”. #mumstimeout

11: “Mum and Dad, you have to answer this question and you really have to tell the truth…is Santa real?’ #thatquestion

12: “Mum you’re such a genie because you’re such a genius”. #clevermum

13: “You know sometimes Mum and Dad need a break, they are getting old”. #ageing

14: “I love playing the ‘memory’ game. Mum you’re not that good at this”. #notasgoodasiusedtobe

15: “You can say goodbye now. We’ll go to our class on our own”. #independence

16: “Oh no, I have nothing to wear. Mum you should have done the washing!” #chores

17: “OMG a jumping castle, you have to let me on that.” #excitement

18: “Thank you Mum for {pause} ordering dinner”. #quickwitted

19: “Sometimes this is the hardest job in the world”. #thatmum (Mum says to herself)

20: “We love you Mum, you’re the BEST’. #love

Remember to have a laugh along the way.


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