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I believe that knowledge is power. Without it, we can’t make decisions that help us flourish, nor can we navigate difficult circumstances. My life purpose is dedicated to helping young women live better and feel connected.

I present and write stories that empower women – check out some of my work at Everyday Wellbeing TV here. I also host and produce the Pause Beyond the Court podcast (listen here) and speak about wellbeing at events. You can see some of the media outlets I’ve contributed to below.

While you’re here, make sure you download my ebook – Healing, Self-Compassion and Finding your Joy [download here]. This wellbeing workbook helps women develop self-care and purpose in their lives – I’ve had wonderful reviews from people who’ve told me they’ve found it helpful.

As part of my commitment to improving wellbeing literacy, I also have a wealth of tips and resources available on my blog – check it out here.

  What I do  

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