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Finding peace by becoming grateful

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Do you ever find yourself stopping for a moment in time, to appreciate what’s happening in your life and how it makes you feel?

One day l was picking my kids up from school and as l got out of the car to meet them l felt the warmth of the sun on my body. l wasn’t thinking ahead about what l needed to do next, I was just in the moment mindful and grateful about being able to pick my kids up from school. It was a good feeling. Since then, I have tried to have more moments like this. Moments where l am grateful for what l have in my life rather than what l don’t.

To be grateful for a major life event is one thing but to be grateful for the little everyday things is what really enhances our lives and makes us appreciate living. Taking time to notice, reflect, and be thankful adds value to our life. Why do we often compare ourselves to others taking note of what we don’t have? I don’t know about you, but it often leaves me feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. If we can re-frame situations to be positive and are mindful of what we have, then we can find peace within ourselves. I try to do this most days and even though there are moments when l feel like the world is against me, finding peace in the little things motivates me to keep going.

Gratitude can also help with patience. Wanting more and getting more doesn’t always bring you peace. How often have you found that when you sat back and lived in the moment (learning to 'be' and appreciate what you have) rather than rushing or forcing what you don't have; aspects of your life seemingly fall into place. Finding peace can be found through becoming grateful.

So, what are different ways you can start to practice gratitude?

✍🏼 Keep a journal and write down at least one or two things a day you are grateful for

🚿 When in the bathroom, acknowledge it to yourself in the mirror

🍽 Sharing your grateful moments with your friends or family over dinner

There is always something, no matter how big or small to be grateful for. Sometimes the small things unexpectedly turn out to be the big things.

Much ❤

Jo xx

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