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Healing, Self-Compassion and Finding your JOY!

A Wellbeing Workbook

Structured as an active workbook, offering a range of exercises, strategies and tools to help you move forward.

Available now.
[19 pages]
Contact me to purchase.


Supporting women throughout my career and within my own personal connections has taught me that we often don't allow ourselves the space for healing - frequently struggling to acknowledge our own sense of self worth.


Having compassion for ourselves and creating space to take care of ourselves is often not prioritized. As a result, joy can be missing from our lives.

Once you decide you no longer want to stay where you are, click the link to start your journey - why? Because YOU are worth it.

Love and kindness,

Jo x

Wellbeing workbook cover

"I freaking love it!!" - Amber

"It's the kind of book that you will keep, and keep returning to."  - Jayde

"Oh my god it's BEAUTIFUL" - Kristen

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