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When Was The Last Time You Felt The Wind Through Your Hair?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Jo White is an incredible mother of 3 children. With a background as Social Worker in health for the past 15+ years and have worked in Oncology and currently in Obstetrics, Jo has a particular interest in women's health. Jo is refreshing, real and amazing in her ability to articulate what many women go through. Jo has become a regular contributor to QueenHoods 'That Mum', big Welcome! Super woman!

By Jo white - December 14, 2016

When was the last time you felt the wind through your hair while swinging at the park or had that sick feeling from spinning around and round on the ‘dizzy thing’. These are the times l love the most. Sharing moments like this with the kids and reclaiming my childhood, there are always a lot of laughs.

Rolling down a grassy hill feeling like your head is about to roll off your body, while trying to contain your laughter and not dribble all over your face. Sitting on the new and latest design of see-saw only to find that there is no way anyone will be see-sawing with you today given your butt is firmly flat on the ground and there is more sore than see. The thing is, l will pretty much give anything a go. I want the kids to explore and be adventurous. hen they see me trying to balance on the balance beams only to fall, dust myself off and get up again, this is the lesson l want to share with them. Sometimes we fall. Sometimes the fall is harder than others but we can choose how we deal with it. I choose to get up, dust myself off and try again, even with tanbark in my hair and a few extra bruises.

I love adventures at the park with my kids. These are the best times for all of us and they are the times that the kids remember the most. Once we are home we talk about the things we did, the memories we made and the laughs we shared that day. It’s common to have a few photos of our adventures, something to look back on as the years go by when we all need that reminder from time to time of how much fun we shared and how free we can feel when we live in the moment, embrace the simple things and get back to basics.

Remember to have a laugh along the way.


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