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Smiling With Tears

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Jo White has worked as a Social Worker in health for the past 15+ years and worked in Oncology and Obstetrics with a particular interest in women's health and teen pregnancy/parenting. Jo is living a healthy life with good food and exercise paramount to her positive emotional well-being. In her own words Jo tells us "I have always been one to empower, motivate and encourage the women in my life and those that l work with. I believe that we are greater together than tearing each other apart" . The perfect author for 'That Mum'.

By Jo white - October 15, 2016

Who would be crazy enough to have a 17-year gap between one child and the next, then go on and have another? That would be me. I am the proud mum of three children. The first came as a surprise while l was at high school in year 12. The other two almost planned down to the day of conception. Motherhood the second and third time around is different. The first time being a young mum and on my own was challenging. So much uncertainty and not knowing if what l was doing was right. I have since discovered there is no right. There is only being able to do your best in the situation that you are in. I made the best decisions for myself and my daughter that l could at the time, and l continue to. Being a mum is life long. I have been a mum for the majority of my life.

No longer on my own, I still question myself but l know that things will be okay.

I will never forget one afternoon about 5 years ago, both my younger children, 21 months apart in age, were crying and there was nothing l could do to console them. So, l decided to just sit with them, one in each arm and cry too. My husband came home that night wondering what on earth was going on, only to find the three of us sitting on the bedroom floor. I couldn’t help but look up at him through my tears with a smile. I have learnt that sometimes you just need to ‘go with it’ and the moment will pass. I have a sense of comfort knowing this now but before l was not so sure. I choose to live, love and laugh each day. I have learnt l can change a moment with a crazy dance, a silly song or just a big family cuddle. I believe that you don’t have to be crazy to live here but if you are, it helps.

Remember to have a laugh along the way.


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