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Awakening The Light Within Me

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Jo White is an incredible mother of 3 children. With a background as a Social Worker in health for the past 15+ years and having worked in Oncology and currently in Obstetrics, Jo has a particular interest in Women's health. Jo is refreshing, real and amazing in her ability to articulate what many women go through.

By Jo white - October 12, 2016

It happened suddenly, an unexpected family crisis. It was like l had been hit by lightning, l couldn’t breathe. I felt numb but strangely at the same time it felt as if my body had gone into overdrive, intense pain, my heart and soul were wounded. Life was darker. How would l survive this? At times l didn’t want to but l had so much to live for and so many who rely on me.

So, stepping out of my comfort zone l joined a local fitness group. l had no idea what to expect but it didn’t really matter as l had to do something to escape my reality. This made me feel alive! At times it was hard but it became my routine, my ‘me time’. This was good for me and a ‘good me’ was good for my family. It gave me a sense of worth, confidence and inner peace that helped me to breathe again. It gave me the courage to try something new. I had always wanted to be on TV and after seeing an advert on social media seeking families to be in a TV commercial, l put my fear aside and applied. l had nothing to lose and guess what – it paid off! I shared the amazing experience with my daughter. My eyes were open to a new world.

Change was calling. I made the decision to be fearless and pursue a new career. After years of working as a Social Worker l decided to take a chance and a step towards a career in TV/Media. Having the physical and emotional strength helped me make this decision. There are days that are harder than others, while l juggle what life throws at me but l have a fire and a passion within me that l can’t dampen. I will always keep trying. I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day and this is the message l try to share with those around me. Get through the tough moments as best you can, you’ll find your own way and what works for you. Live, love and laugh. Writing for #thatmum is one part of my journey of discovery, awakening the light within me.

Remember to have a laugh along the way.


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